Stars are STAR
We held this event hoping that if we provide opportunities to the young generation ranging from elementary students of 4, 5, and 6 grades to college students for accessing the latest planetarium technologies and activities of high school astronomy departments, we can get the students interested in science and technology so that they will go on to become science and technology personnel in the future to support Japan. This event will also kindle their interest in the fields of intellectual property rights such as patents to protect science and technology. The master of ceremony was Hanako Ohtowa, an announcer at tys (Television Yamaguchi Broadcasting Systems Co., Ltd.).

Date August 12, 2017 (Sat)
Venue New Media Plaza Yamaguchi (NPY Building) 1st Floor Multi-purpose Theatre (1-10, Kumano-cho, Yamaguchi prefecture)

(1) Keynote Speech “Things I Learned from Planetariums”
Lecturer Mr. Kenichi Ohtani, Technical Director, Konica Minolta Planetarium Co. Ltd.

(2) Talk session
All members of the Astronomy Department, Yamaguchi Prefectural Yamaguchi Senior High School
Coordinator    Mr. Yoshimasa Nose, Association representative, Planetarium Society, Sanyo Onoda City

(3) Explanation of Planetarium Patents
Hiroshi Inoue, President, Ishin IP International

(4) Introduction of Planetarium Technology and Projection of Fixed Stars with Infinium Σ Mr. Kenichi Ohtani

(5) Bingo Game Tournament (with prizes)

Participation Fee Free
Capacity 200

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